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A SFRNFZL Giveaway

ey mate! ahh so it's been a reaaalllly long time since the last time i had ever writing again. 5 years, was it? heh.

but anyway, IM BACK BRUV! WITH MORE PASSION THAN EVER LMAO. i've been fussing with the codes for two days, and ja jan! look at this oh so wonderful new theme huhuhu

and to begin with a fresh start, imma be joining this awesome giveaway from SFRNFZL :) so do not be shy and check out this GA too, mkay?

terms and conditions - for blog categories.

   1. Warganegara Malaysia sahaja. 
   2. Mesti ada blog sendiri. (strictly no giveaway blog, promotion blog, art blog)
   3. Follow blog ini.
   4. Buat satu entri baru -

               a) Tajuk : A SFRNFZL Giveaway
               b) Letak gambar diatas.
               c) Backlink ke entri ini.
               d) Sambung ayat ini : Saya suka berblogging kerana ...... (tak kisah panjang atau pendek)

i love blogging because sometimes, people wont listen to me orally. and that's fine cause i'm not rly that good when connecting to people anyway. blogging is something that i always look forward to at the end of the day. meeting new bloggers, discovering new codes, changing skin / theme; it somehow helps to keep my mind of unnecessary things in my daily life. 

maybe it's also because i'm an introvert. and i have social anxiety. so, blogging offers me an opportunity to make new friends without having to interact with them in real life situation (which, always would head me over to an emotional breakdown ha ha) 

i share a lot of things about me with people. and i get sad when they don't do the same to me. as if they dont trust me enough or value me enough. but that's fine, i guess. i get over it. which is why i'm here, starting a blog. 

so all in all, blogging helps me. emotionally ofc. and i get to learn about all these codings and html and css stuff that seems foreign to all of my fellas, yet i'm grateful for as i get to show off sometime huhuhu 

 5. Tinggalkan komen  -
               a) Link penyertaan
               b) Email

so that's it! goodluck to others who're joining too :D


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